Why Christina Applegate Has ‘Beef’ With ‘Love Island’ Producers

Christina Applegate counts herself among the many celebrity fans of Love Island. However, the Dead to Me alum has a few notes for the cast and crew.

Applegate, 52, shared some nitpicks via X on Wednesday, July 3.

“I adore Love Island. Have watched every season,” she wrote, “[But] I have a beef with production and contestants. Can you pls stop making weird sounds with your water bottles? like holding straw in mouth and chewing it and not sipping.”

Applegate isn’t just averse to water-based noises. She also gets annoyed by “ girls with long nails making clicky clackety sounds” on the reality TV show.
The Married … With Children alum wasn’t done. In another post, Applegate expressed her grievance over Islanders’ choice of antiperspirant.

Christina Applegate Has Beef With Love Island Producers 2

Nicole Jacky, JaNa Craig, Olivia Walker, Leah Kateb, and Kaylor Martin.
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“White deodorant on the armpits in the heat is gross. Now you all are very attractive people, please use clear deodorant!!!” she wrote. “The white pus-looking s–t in the folds is not bueno. This is just me helping you be the best version of you. ”

Applegate wasn’t the only viewer feeling this way. One social media user commented on the post about deodorant explaining, “I hate when it curdles. It reminds of something too graphic to share. I legit can’t even type it.”

Celebrities Who Battle Multiple Sclerosis

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Christina Applegate, Selma Blair, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jack Osbourne and many other celebrities have opened up about dealing with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease. Applegate revealed in August 2021 that she was diagnosed with the condition. “Hi friends. A few months ago, I was diagnosed with MS,” the Married … With Children alum wrote via X […]

While it may have been too much for that social user to write out, the Emmy winner didn’t mind working blue.

Christina Applegate Has Beef With Love Island Producers 3

Josiah Roebuck and JaNa Craig.
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“Well, I will say it for you. Yeast infection. That’s all I see now,” she wrote.

Applegate is no stranger to dishing out information that some may consider TMI. On the latest episode of her “Messy”podcast, Applegate humorously described a relatable challenge for those with multiple sclerosis. Joking about her grooming routine, Applegate likened her current state to Art Garfunkel’s iconic hairdo.

Christina Applegate I Likely Wont Work On-Camera Again

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Sharing her journey. Christina Applegate revealed her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in August 2021 and has been candid about how the disease affects her life ever since. “Hi friends. A few months ago, I was diagnosed with MS,” the Married … With Children alum wrote via Twitter at the time. “It’s been a strange journey. But […]

“Shaving when your stomach is as big as mine is no easy task,” she quipped during the Tuesday, July 2 episode. “You have to lift it up, balance on one leg, and hope you don’t topple over in the shower. I know my fellow MS warriors can understand this struggle.”

Her co-host, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 43, chimed in with her own experience, adding, “You have to sit on the floor. You literally have to sit on the floor of your shower and twist yourself into all sorts of strange positions.”

Both Applegate and Sigler have openly discussed their battles with MS, with Applegate revealing her diagnosis in August 2021 and Sigler in October 2016.

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