Who Is Still Together? ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 Reunion Questions Answered 

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 Reunion Recap: Who Broke Up? Who’s Back Together? Every Burning Question Answered

Clay Gravesend, Sarah Ann Bick, Jimmy Presnell.
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Love Is Blind season 6 took the drama to a whole new level — and left Us with endless questions about what went down after the cameras stopped rolling.

While Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés got their happily ever after, Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and Clay Gravesande ended up calling it quits at the altar. Other couples, like Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham, didn’t even make it to their wedding, while Jeramey Lutinski ended the season riding off into the sunset on a jet ski with Sarah Ann instead of his fiancée, Laura Dadisman.

Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell didn’t make it down the aisle either, with Jimmy calling things off just days before they were supposed to say “I do.” The decision came after a long season of ups and downs for the couple but still managed to take Chelsea by surprise.

“I was really, really blindsided,” she exclusively told Us Weekly earlier this month. “We had our ups and our downs — and our downs were down — but our ups were so good to this point. A week before that we were over the moon [and] we were so good. Just right before we walked into that date, we were talking about our wedding songs at the reception.”

Ultimately, Chelsea revealing on camera that Jimmy had hooked up with one of his friends was his line in the sand, as it “broke [his] trust” in a major way. “We were fighting really hard to get there, and I had really strong feelings about her,” Jimmy told Us in February 2024. “We’re learning more and more about each other [every] single day and the couple days leading up to it, it was more of a fight to give her one extra day, unfortunately.”

While season 6 wrapped with the twosome going their separate ways, speculation that they had reignited their romance began to swirl in March when they were spotted on a Florida getaway. The pair were seen eating together at a restaurant and were later photographed getting cozy at a concert.

After such a tumultuous season, viewers are dying to know where the pair stand now — and the season 6 reunion is spilling all the tea. Keep scrolling to have all your most burning Love Is Blind questions answered in real-time as they are revealed:

Love Is Blind Season 6 Reunion Recap Who Broke Up Whos Back Together Every Burning Question Answered
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Are Jimmy and Chelsea Back Together?

After a “love square” with Jess Vestal and Trevor Sova in the pods, a “clingy” allegation and a major breach of trust, Chelsea and Jimmy ended the season apart. However, recent social media posts sparked speculation that they reconciled.

Jimmy told Us last month that after filming wrapped, he and Chelsea gave their romance another try.

“We sort of got right back into it, zero to 100 once again,” he shared. “And we had fun during that time.” Ultimately, however, there were “skeletons” in his closet that broke his trust beyond repair.

“We were sort of just having that same argument over and over again, and we both just kind came to an agreement that it wasn’t going to work,” he said.

The reunion did not reveal the pair’s current relationship status.

Love Is Blind Season 6 Reunion Recap Who Broke Up Whos Back Together Every Burning Question Answered
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Are Jeramey and Sarah Ann Together Now?

Split between Laura and Sarah Ann in the pods, Jeramey ultimately proposed to Laura. However, after Sarah Ann sent him an Instagram DM about potentially reconnecting in the real world. The pair met up and “talked” until 5 a.m., leading to Laura and Jeramey calling it quits for good during the season 6 lake party. Jeramey also met up with Sarah Ann at the soirée and ended the day by riding off with her on a jet ski.

Rumors the duo had sparked a romance began swirling last month when Sarah Ann posted a TikTok video seemingly from Jeramey’s apartment. She later commented under a post about her and Jeramey at the lake party on the official Love Is Blind Instagram account, writing, “All beautiful things.”

During the reunion, Jeramey revealed that he and Sarah Ann had sparked a romance since season 6 wrapped and are even currently living together in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When it came to lying to Laura about being with Sarah Ann until 5 a.m., Jeramey maintained that “nothing inappropriate” happened between the duo while he was engaged to Laura. “The only time I was at Sarah Ann’s house is when I went to go drop her off,” he claimed. “I didn’t intentionally lie about that, I just didn’t have anything to hide.”

Laura, for her part, said she ultimately doesn’t “care” what happened between them, calling them “disgusting” and a couple of “clowns.”

When Chelsea accused the duo of being “broken up” every time she’s seen Jeramey since filming, he confessed that the couple had to call it quits a few times before figuring out how to make things work. “Not saying everything this perfect, but we’re still fighting for that every day,” he said.

Jeramey also addressed the speculation that he had been previously engaged to someone while applying for Love Is Blind, claiming that he signed up for the show “after” he and his ex split when he was “doing his own thing.” Laura and Sarah Ann also both confirmed that he had made them aware of his previous relationship while dating in the pods.

Did Trevor Really Have a Girlfriend in the Pods?

While Trevor began season 6 as the guy Chelsea “should have chosen” for many fans, his alleged ex-girlfriend Natalia Marrero claimed that he went on Love Is Blind while still in a relationship with her. In alleged text messages shared by Instagram account @therealityashley in February, Trevor allegedly said he had no plans to get married while filming the show and promised Natalia that everything he said on the show was a facade for TV.

Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey shared the text messages during the reunion before allowing Trevor to explain himself. Trevor, for his part, said he never asked Natalia to be his “girlfriend” before going on the show, but the duo had a connection.

“I wanted to do this. I wanted to meet somebody that I wouldn’t go for in real life,” he said. “It’s f—ked up that I acted like that with someone else right before going on [the show] and right after, but I went in with the mindset of, like, ‘I will find someone. I want to try it.’”

Trevor admitted he was a “toxic” person who knows he needs to change. “I’m not here to grill you by any means,” Chelsea replied. “It didn’t work out for us and I just had this intuition of why I shouldn’t have picked you. I couldn’t explain it, and now I can.”

Ultimately, Trevor denied joining Love Is Blind for his career, but did sign up for both “good and bad reasons” before asking to leave the stage.

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 Reunion Recap- Who Broke Up Who’s Back Together Every Burning Question Answered
Greg Gayne/Netflix

Did Clay and AD Reignite Their Romance?

After jetting off to Mexico from the pods, AD and Clay faced issues when it came to balancing each other’s work schedules. Clay also struggled with the idea of marriage and a fear that he wouldn’t be able to remain faithful. Although the duo made it to the altar where AD said “I do,” Clay ultimately chose not to go through with the marriage. The pair ended the season with Clay saying he wanted to make it work between them, but AD left in a car solo.

In the weeks following the wedding, the exes remained “no contact” until Clay called AD to meet up and talk. Clay noted during the reunion that he’s been “doing the work” and attending therapy in the past few months before calling AD the “love of his life.”

When asked if the duo would ever date each other again, AD replied, “Next question.” However, Clay said he would “1000 percent” reconcile if given the chance.

“You had your chance,” AD said. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t have done for you and you low-key played in my face. Because you knew you didn’t want to get married.”

Did Brittany and Kenneth Reconcile?

Brittany and Kenneth were the first couple to split during season 6, calling it quits just a few days after moving in together. Their communication breakdown began when Kenneth started spending a lot of time on his phone, causing an emotional discussion that led to Brittany admitting she was struggling with feeling attraction.

However, the twosome took fans by surprise when they posted a TikTok video together in March with the words “don’t tell anyone” splashed across the screen. Brittany captioned the clip, “It’s safe with…🤭 Stay 10 toes down for the reunion this Wednesday 3/13 to see where we’re at.”

Kenneth addressed the allegations that he was unphased by the split during the reunion, sharing that his emotions simply weren’t shown on camera. Brittany then revealed that despite not being romantically involved anymore, the twosome “talk every day” and have a “bond” that will be there forever.

Where Does Sarah Ann Stand With the Other Woman?

After her issues with Laura — and having a heated argument with AD at the lake party — Sarah Ann revealed during the reunion that she is not in contact with “any” of the women from her season.

“That’s because she unfollowed us [on social media] and still followed our fiancés,” Chelsea claimed. “I thought that was strange. Nobody was mean to you.”

When Sarah Ann accused Jess of not being a “girl’s girl” after she distanced herself, Jess replied, “No one could empathize with your situation more than I could. Everyone’s feelings are valid and we’re all entitled to have them, we just as a group thought both of you could have handled the situation differently. Just show some consideration.”

Love Is Blind Couples Who Is Still Together and Who Broke Up

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Are Johnny and Amy Still Together?

After being season 6’s most stable couple, Johnny and Amy said “I do.” And don’t worry, the pair are still enjoying newlywed bliss.

As far as birth control for Amy — or a possible vasectomy for Johnny — neither have happened during the first year of marriage. “We figured it out, and that’s all that matters,” Amy said.

Are Jess and Jimmy Friends?

Jess revealed that while she and Jimmy left the lake party on “great terms,” he recently “attempted” to throw her “under the bus” by “boldface” lying about her.

“You said that I hammered you about wanting to explore your connections which wasn’t true,” she said, adding that his claims that she “stormed out” after 10 minutes on one of their last dates also wasn’t true. Instead, she alleged that the date was an “hour and a half” and they simply took an “intermission” in the middle.

Jimmy, meanwhile, claimed his comments about her were meant to explain why he didn’t choose her and maintained that the date “felt” like 10 minutes.

The producers ultimately showed that the date lasted nearly three hours, with an eight-minute break that the duo took to cool off.

Did AD Reconnect With Matthew After Filming?

AD revealed that after also connecting with Matt Duliba in the pods, the pair went on two dates but the romance quickly fizzled out. “We live two different lifestyles,” she explained. “He just wants different things and so do I, and we left it right there.”

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