When the next presidential debate of 2024 takes place

President Biden and former President Donald Trump have agreed to one more showdown on the debate stage before the 2024 presidential election

The September rematch will come after both candidates formally accept their party’s nomination. The first debate, hosted Thursday by CNN in Atlanta, came unusually early in the election season given that both are still the presumptive nominees before their party conventions. 

When is the second presidential debate?

ABC News will host the second debate between President Biden and Donald Trump on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. 

Who will moderate the next debate?

ABC News has yet to announce the moderators of the second debate. 

The qualifications are similar to the first debate, making it unlikely that non-major party candidates will meet the ballot access and polling requirements to earn a spot on stage. 

Candidates need to earn at least 15% support in four approved national polls and be on the ballot in enough states to be able to win 270 votes in the Electoral College — the threshold to win the presidency. 

How many more debates will there be for 2024?

There are no more presidential debates scheduled before the election. Mr. Biden and Trump agreed to only two debates — one hosted by CNN and the other by ABC News. 

They are bypassing the tradition of three meetings organized by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, which has overseen presidential debates since 1988. The commission’s three debates were scheduled to take place in September and October at universities in Texas, Virginia and Utah. This year’s debates were agreed upon without any involvement by the commission. 

The commission met with sharp criticism by both Trump — who has accused the commission of being biased against Republicans — and by close advisers to Mr. Biden who view commission procedures as outmoded and fussy. The co-chair of the commission, Frank Fahrenkopf, told CBS News’ podcast “The Takeout” that top White House communications adviser Anita Dunn “doesn’t like us,” and he said on a Politico podcast that this was the reason Mr. Biden’s team went around the commission to negotiate directly with Trump’s campaign.

CBS News invited both campaigns to participate in a vice presidential debate on either July 23 or Aug. 13, which the Biden campaign accepted. Trump has yet to name a running mate.

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