'Vanderpump Villa' Cast Slams Marciano Brunette's 'Unprofessional' Behavior

Marciano Brunette wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea on Vanderpump Villa — and some of his former costars put his behavior on blast.

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Priscilla Ferrari, Grace Cottrell and Nikki Millman recalled their less than stellar interactions with Marciano, 31. Priscilla, 30, specifically revealed that she’s still not in a good place with Marciano after filming the hit Hulu series.

“I think [some of the men on the show] got away with murder. Like Marciano. I just don’t understand that man,” Priscilla told Us after her shocking onscreen exit. “But it is what it is and good for him.”

Priscilla and Marciano originally started out on good terms. However, his ex-girlfriend and fellow Vanderpump Villa costar Hannah Fouch later criticized Priscilla for the way she sat in front of Marciano. The tension continued to escalate until Priscilla chose to leave — and she wasn’t thrilled watching the drama back.

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“Marciano, the way he spoke to us [and] the way that he spoke to women. He doesn’t speak to any of the other guys in the show,” she noted. “He doesn’t speak — even though he has issues with other people — they don’t speak like the way they speak to us. So I think that’s very unfair.”

Vanderpump Villa Cast Calls Out Marciano s Unprofessional Behavior He Got Away With Murder 609

After Priscilla’s exit, she was replaced with Nikki, who also didn’t start out on good terms with Hannah, 28, or Marciano. The issues largely centered around Hannah questioning whether Marciano found Nikki attractive. In an attempt to course correct, Marciano told Nikki she wasn’t needed at Château Rosabelle. Hannah subsequently tried to have a conversation with Nikki that ended with the newcomer in tears.

“I was always going to tough it out. I was hopeful for a different [initial] response, but I got the response I was expecting,” Nikki explained to Us. “I know how human beings are to the new person. So, I knew it was going to be difficult for me. I didn’t know how difficult [though].”

Nikki recalled thinking Marciano’s digs were just for show, adding, “We’re all grown adults in an adult setting. To haze somebody on their first day, I actually thought it was a joke at some point. So I’m like, ‘He has to be joking. This is actually a joke.’”

The server called Marciano’s actions “strategic” since he was still trying to get back together with Hannah. As for Hannah, Nikki also wasn’t surprised by how their interactions started out on Vanderpump Villa.

“Hannah and I would’ve had a bumpy start no matter what. We’ll see how the show progresses, but it was so strategic,” she continued. “I could tell even in the moment that [Marciano’s decision] was for self-preservation because it seemed so unprofessional to act like that.”

Priscilla and Nikki weren’t the only ones at odds with Marciano. Grace, 23, who initially kept to herself, had several arguments with Marciano and Eric Funderwhite later in the season.

Vanderpump Villa Cast Calls Out Marciano s Unprofessional Behavior He Got Away With Murder 608
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“I do not regret a single thing that I said. Watching it back, there are things [where I go], ‘Man, I wish I said more. Or I wish that I spoke up then and didn’t wait,’” she shared with Us. “Yeah, I stand by it all. For sure.”

Grace also weighed in on how Lisa Vanderpump disciplined Marciano and Eric. (The restaurateur demoted Marciano to washing dishes in the kitchen while keeping an eye on Eric’s judgment as the manager.”

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“Lisa has her reasonings with her consequences that she chose to give those men,” Grace said. “I don’t know if they’ve learned anything from it or if their behaviors change. I’m not too sure on that. But everybody’s different. Everybody came from different backgrounds and different walks of life. Not to excuse any behavior that they did, but I think there’s really a reason for everything.”

As for where she stands with Hannah, Grace pointed out how “different” the costars were, adding, “We come from very different places. I don’t know if she’s somebody that I would seek out a friendship with, but I really do think that Marciano plays a big part in pulling her down. I think we would’ve probably had a much better relationship with her had Marciano not been in the picture.”

Vanderpump Villa is available to stream on Hulu with new episodes released on Mondays.

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