Travis Kelce Claims Secret Service Threatened to Tase Him at the White House

Why Secret Service Threatened To Tase Travis Kelce at the White House

US President Joe Biden and Travis Kelce.
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The Secret Service was “not too happy” with Travis Kelce during his recent visit to the White House — especially after what happened last year.

“You remember I was talking about how I had an expired ID and I got in the White House without a real … yeah, no, I caught s—t for that,” Travis, 34, shared during the Wednesday, June 5 episode of the “New Heights” podcast while in conversation with brother Jason Kelce. For his visit on Friday, May 31, Travis brought the proper identification.

“I made sure — because of what happened last time and how embarrassed I was for going to the White House with an expired ID — I made sure that I brought my passport this time, so that it showed that I was a citizen in Missouri,” the Kansas City Chiefs player explained. “I was official, and I was legit, and I was doing things the right way.”

Upon entering the White House, however, “four or five” members of the Secret Service approached Travis, he said. (The Chiefs were invited to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl win earlier this year.)

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“If you go up to that podium, we’re authorized to tase you,” they told him, according to the NFL star. Last year, Kelce jokingly took the podium and teammate Patrick Mahomes pulled him away.

Why Secret Service Threatened To Tase Travis Kelce at the White House 2

Patrick Mahomes, US President Joe Biden, and Travis Kelce.
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Despite the drama, Jason, 36, said Travis “nailed it” when President Joe Biden actually did call him up to the podium this time.

“My fellow Americans, it’s nice to see all you again,” Travis joked to the crowd on Friday. “I won’t lie, President Biden, they told me if I came up here I’d get tased, so I’m going back to my spot.”

During Wednesday’s “New Heights” episode, Travis admitted that he “had no idea” President Biden was going to call him up to the podium.

“I felt tasers aimed at me when I was up there the whole time. That’s why I was up there [like], don’t make any quick movements. Be cool,” Travis continued. Jason replied, “Listen “if the president invites you up, you’re not going to get tased.”

Travis was worried that if he make a “quick” movement he was at risk for getting “f—king tased.”

Why Secret Service Threatened To Tase Travis Kelce at the White House 3

US President Joe Biden and Travis Kelce.
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Overall, Jason said it was “unreal” that President Biden invited him up to talk. Travis agreed that it was “nuts” before sharing that he eventually befriended the Secret Service, and they gifted him an “honorary Secret Service” pin.

“Anytime that I get a chance to get recognized by the President of the United States and get to go with my teammates and a group of men and women that I had success with to the point where we get to get acknowledged, man, I’m doing it every single time, no matter who’s up there at the helm, no matter what’s going on in this world,” Travis said. “I think it’s just such a cool opportunity.”

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