The unbreakable, unlosable pair of sunglasses every traveler needs

Ombraz has also committed to repairing products over replacing them, and I can see how that’s much easier with this product than with a standard pair of sunglasses. With no arms, screws, or nose pieces, there are far fewer things to break, and I can imagine replacing the cord is fairly simple should it ever snap or tear. This is refreshing in a world where fast fashion has trained us to want far more than we need, and where even returns of brand-new products often end up in landfills because it’s cheaper to bin them than resell them. 

While the company claims breaks are simply “not gonna happen,” every pair has a lifetime warranty covering repairs for anything that breaks. Lens scratches aren’t covered for free replacement, but the company does have a partnership with Lens & Frames Co. so you can get a new lens if you do cause significant damage. 

But of course, none of this matters if you don’t actually wear them. And in spite of my initial hesitations, I’ve found myself reaching for my Ombraz far more than any other pair of sunglasses I haven’t lost. (Yet.) 

Ombraz did not review or approve this article, and receives no commission or commercial incentive for the publication of this review.

A note on sustainable consumerism: acknowledges that the most sustainable pair of sunglasses is the pair you already own (and the second-most sustainable pair is secondhand). While we don’t endorse buying things for the sake of it, we do try to highlight more sustainable options in our gear reviews so our readers can make more conscious and informed decisions.

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