The Morning After: Does your car need a rear windshield?

You know those folks who say they’d donate a major organ to own a fancy car? Ask them if they’d feel as . Polestar’s newest ride has made its North American debut at the NY Auto Show and notably lacks a rear windshield. The rationale is rear passengers get better headroom and a more comfortable ride than in other cars. Drivers, meanwhile, get a high-res display where the rear-view mirror used to be, linked to a live feed from a rear-mounted camera. Given how often people’s heads or luggage obscure the backward view, it’s a trade I’m readily prepared to accept.

— Dan Cooper

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Two decades of the customer being the product.

Gmail wasn’t the first service that turned its users into the product, . After all, while Facebook and its kin have been perpetually slammed for privacy issues, who really gets mad at Gmail? Our anniversary package has a deep dive into the last 20 years of Google’s flagship mail product.

… Oh, and speaking of Google and privacy.

The search giant has settled a recent class-action lawsuit relating to Chrome’s tracking of Incognito users. . (Always a good sign when a company pledges to stop doing something it’s been told off for doing, but only for a short period.)

They could call it the Waffle Rough-House.

For the uninitiated, Waffle House is a waffle-centric chain of 24/7 American diners with a reputation for random outbursts of violence. It’s apparently so well known that Tekken players have been . Sadly, it probably won’t happen because Waffle House stands accused of underpaying its workers and, given the above context, exposing them to an unsafe working environment.

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