Shannen Doherty and Ex-Husband Rick Salomon Recall Quickie Marriage

Shannen Doherty and Ex Husband Rick Salomon Recall Quickie Marriage

Shannen Doherty and Rick Salomon
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Shannen Doherty and her ex-husband Rick Salomon took a trip down memory lane recalling their blink-and-you-missed-it marriage during his guest appearance on her podcast.

“I think we got married in 2002, January. I just looked it up. I would never have any idea otherwise,” Doherty, 53, said during the Monday, May 6, episode of the “Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty.” “And we got annulled in May 2003. So technically we don’t have to call each other ex-wife and ex-husband because we got annulled, but we still do.”

Doherty, who noted they “got married super fast,” asked Salomon how long he thought they were together before they decided to tie the knot.

“Three weeks?” he said, to which Doherty replied, “Was it only three weeks? No. It was longer than that. No way.”

Doherty recalled having a conversation with Salomon in his car, which ended with him declaring that they should get married.

“And so we did. We went to Vegas. And I had a witness, you had a witness. And then I said to you, ‘I can’t be married without my dad being there and my mom.’ And you’re like, ‘If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this right now,’” Doherty said, noting that her parents did ultimately make it to her wedding. “That was wild. Like was it normal for you? It felt weird to me.”

Shannen Doherty and Ex Husband Rick Salomon Recall Quickie Marriage

Shannen Doherty and Rick Salomon
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Salomon’s daughter, Tyson, who was also part of the podcast, noted that her dad thinks things are “bad luck” if they’re not done “then and there.” (Salomon shares Tyson and daughter Hunter with ex-wife Elizabeth Daily, from whom he split in 2000. The high-stakes poker player was also married to Pamela Anderson from 2014 to 2015 and was infamously featured in Paris Hilton‘s sex tape back in 2004.)

As for why the former couple decided to split, Doherty admitted, “We got divorced because you had a little bit of a drug thing back then,” to which Salomon joked that “girls always wanted the bad boy until they met me.”

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Doherty shared that Salomon didn’t stay sober, and “eventually things happened that I sadly was like, ‘I can’t. I can’t do this anymore.’” She added, “I did really want to be married. I wanted to be married to you, I wanted it to work out. But it wasn’t going to work out because he needed to go through a lot more stuff, I think, and find his true sobriety.”

While reflecting on their marriage, Doherty said their union may have been “tumultuous at times,” but she still has a lot of love for Salomon.

“At the end of the day, I’ve always loved you. You always made me laugh. You always made me smile. Sometimes you made me cry, but that’s only when you didn’t come because you were off doing other stuff,” Doherty said. “Not cheating, or any of that stuff, but other stuff.”

As for Salomon, he noted that he’s “f–king proud” to have been married to Doherty. “You’re a part of my story … I was married to you and I loved you and we had some great times, we had some wild times, we had some bad times,” Salomon said. “But it’s all part of my journey and got me here.”

After Doherty and Salomon parted ways, she went on to get married for a third time in 2011 when she walked down the aisle with Kurt Iswarienko. (Doherty previously wed Ashley Hamilton in October 1993, but they filed for divorce in April 1994.)

While Iswarienko and Doherty remained together during her cancer diagnosis in 2015 and its return in 2020, she ultimately filed for divorce from him in April 2023.

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