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Romantic Times Rewind: April 2006 Reviews

Smart Podcast Trashy Books Romantic Times RewindIn this week’s podcast episode, we’re looking at the book reviews for the April 2006 issue of Romantic Times, aka RT Book Club.

Every time we do one of these recaps, the masthead has a 65% chance of being different. It keeps us on our toes!

Special and massive thanks to Kay Layton Sisk for sending me this issue!

You can also find all the RTRW content at our category page for Romantic Times Rewind. 

And, most importantly, if you want to listen and follow along with this entry, we have more detail in the audio, but you can click play and listen and read and absorb all the visual goodness:

Ok, let’s get started with…THE COVER.

The cover of RT Book Club magazine featuring the illustration from the cover of A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole - an illustration of a white man with dark spiky hair bending over the neck of a woman who is shown from behind. She has long blonde hair, long red nails, and a midriff baring top with black laces in the back

I really liked the illustration style for A Hunger Like No Other, the start of the Immortals After Dark series, but it changed rapidly to be close up of faces, usually the heroes. Do you remember this cover?

The book looks like this now:

The new cover of A Hunger Like No Other features a close up of a white man mostly in shadow with a wrought iron curling gate over his face

Which do you like better?

So, the first reviews we discuss were in historical romance, and these reviews were much longer than the reviews we see in later issues. Amanda took a close look at Saxon Lady:

SAXON LADY my Margo Maguire got two stars. Setting Medieval England Mathieu Fitz Autier is William the Conqueror's most fearsome knight and will take Ingelwald as his reward. The Saxon demesne will be his and the new home for his Norman bride. All he has to do is bring Ingelwald's lady and her young brother to London, to King William, where they will face certain humiliation before their executions. Lady Aelia will not give up so easily. Despite her mother's long-ago prophesy about finding love and the strange feeling she has at the first sight of her enemy, Aelia defies Fitz Autier at every turn. But even though he's her sworn adversary, she finds herself in his arms again and again as they combat one danger after another in their travels to London. Once there, the couple has to fight not only the king's will but also Mathieu's estranged father and the father of his Norman bride-to-be in this quickly read tale. Devotees of this period may be disappointed by a lack of accurate details in setting. Instead of the conflicts so prevalent at this critical time in England's history, we watch Mathieu debate over the correct action to take once he's seduced Aelia. SENSUAL

The Cover for Saxon Lady by Margo Maguire - two White people laying in a very bright white satin bed with rose petals scattered across it, while the hero is holding a sword which seems dangerous since he is possibly nude?

We remain VERY confused by the absolute muddle that is this heat rubric:

SEXY- Borders on erotic. Very graphic sex. SPICY- Very explicit sex. VERY SENSUAL- Spicy, but goes beyond conventional lovemaking. Explicit sex. SENSUAL-Most romance novels fall into this category. Conventional lovemaking. Explicit sex. SWEET- May or may not include lovemaking.

If that’s too small to read:

SEXY- Borders on erotic. Very graphic sex.

SPICY- Very explicit sex.

VERY SENSUAL- Spicy, but goes beyond conventional lovemaking. Explicit sex.

SENSUAL-Most romance novels fall into this category. Conventional lovemaking. Explicit sex.

SWEET- May or may not include lovemaking.

We are still very confused by “conventional lovemaking” vs “explicit sex.” What does this MEAN. “Lovemaking” is doing a lot of work with very little understanding.

I was very excited to learn about Penelope and Prince Charming:

Penelope and Prince Charming by Jennifer Ashely 4.5 stars Until his father's death, Prince Damien of Nvengaria was Europe's most infamous playboy. Before he can inherit his title, he must find a very special wife. His search leads to Penelope Trask, who is known as a "twice-jilt" and seems uninterested in Damien's pursuit. Actually, Penelope feels an overwhelm-ing, almost supernatural attraction to Damien. Something outside of themselves has brought Damien to Penelope, and she's the only woman who can make him and his kingdom whole. Enemies strive to tear them apart with bitterness and jealousy, but amid danger and political intrigue, Damien and Penelope forge a bond of love and risk everything to hold onto their grand passion and their country. The magic of Ashley's latest is in not only the spellbinding plotline but also her impressive writing style and engaging characters involved in a grand adventure. This is a very special, highly satisfying read. SENSUAL

The review says not quite enough about how much magic/paranormal/woowoo is in this novel, but the reviews on other retailers make it very clear this is a fairy tale historical with magic.

Penelope and Prince Charming by Jennifer Ashley has a blue sky with a moon? or sun? the lighting is impossible to fully tell with a couple embracing in front of a pond with a big ol manor house in the background. there's a crosshatch pattern over everything which is very weird in high-res

And then I found this cover later in the series.

The Mad Bad Duke loves…feet?

The cover for the mad bad duke has a white person's lower legs and feet in a pool and seriously the feet are FRONT and CENTER WHY.

In Romantic Suspense, Amanda wanted to discuss You Can’t Hide by Karen Rose.

TW/CW for mention of suicide in this review.

You Can't Hide - Karen Rose - Four Stars The loss of a patient by suicide is every psychiatrist's worst nightmare. Unfortunately for Dr. Tess Ciccotelli, it's becoming an all-too-common occur-rence. When Detective Aiden Reagan looks into the apparent suicide of Cynthia Adams, he discovers that someone has "gaslighted" the woman into killing herself. The damning evidence points to Tess as the culprit, but she insists she's innocent. As Aiden and his team investigate, anomalies start to turn up, and soon it becomes apparent that while others are dying, Tess is the primary target. But whv? To invalidate court testimony she gave, or a personal vendetta? Whoever this killer is, the person is extraordinarily crafty, treacherous and violent. Rose's rise to the top of the romantic suspense genre has been swift, and for good reason. This is just the latest in a string of truly diabolical and chilling romantic thrillers. Densely plotted and with amazing twists, this novel is, in a word, riveting.You Can't Hide by Karen Rose features a clsoe up of a man nuzling a white woman's face with both of them lit by magenta light and shadow.

It’s very interesting to see the word ‘gaslighted’ in a 2006 reviews.

I took a look at Sighs Matter:

Sighs Matter - Marianne Stillings 4 stars At the wedding of his brother and her best friend, Detective Taylor Mckennitt and Dr. Claire Hunter had a close encounter. But after that night, Claire's fears prevailed and she broke off the relationship. Fate, however, is about to lend Taylor a big hand.First introduced in Stillings' debut novel, The Damsel in This Dress, Taylor and Claire now get their own romantic adventure. Chock full of sexual tension, fun and suspense...

Whoever was in charge of the titles for this series: applause, applause.

And the cover is…handy.

A naked white dude's muscular chest with a disembodied hand across the belly

In mainstream fiction, Amanda picked Rattled by Debra Galant:

Rattled by Debra Galant 4.5 stars Galant entertains as she follows Heather Peters and her family who are building their dream home in the New Jersey countryside. Heather finds a rattlesnake on the patio and enlists the aid of handyman Harlan to kill it. But rattlers are an endangered species in New Jersey, and Heather faces criminal charges for the murder of the snake, even though she garners national attention for her bravery Meanwhile, developer Jack Barstad is scheming to force Harlan to sell his land and cheating on his wife with his assistant. Hilarity ensues as Heather tries to be the perfect room mother, planning third-grade parties to precision. But her quest is marred by the animosity of local con-

conservationists. When a rat infestation forces the Peters family out of their home, they need to regroup and decide how to stay together. Witty, charming and thoroughly engaging, Galant's novel entrances. Heather is a fabulous protagonist, a petite desperate housewife who charges head-on into her life's missions - with highly entertaining results.

“It speaks to the Florida Woman in me.”

Rattled is in pink text in the middle with an image of a house in some trees that's mirrored on the top and bottom of the cover

I picked the anthology Voices from the Other Side. I couldn’t find the original anthology, but I did find the sequels, which are called Dark Dreams and Dark Dreams II.

A Girl's Best Friend three stars Can a girl who dons diamonds for a living find true love, her purpose in life and realize there's more to life than spending time at the spa? Duped twice by men already, Morgan Millard is not about to make the same mistake a third time. Could George Gentry, the smug lawyer with abs that make Mr. Universe look emaciated, tempt her to trust one more time? If she does, she could find herself in an orange jumper, looking pretty through iron bars. She can't be arrested because she fell for a guy who "wears charm like expensive cologne," but for lying to the government? That's a whole different matter. Initially, readers may have trouble bonding with Morgan in this second book in the Spa Girls series. But, with the right amount of whining, introspection, pathos, intelligence and humor, this book and its heroine eventually win over readers - thanks to the author's talent.readers to the depths of suspense and the height of mind-boggling intrigues. Tales of werewolves, a Middle Passage battle with monstrous consequences, beautiful femmes fatales and the nightmare of an extraordinary appendage will keep readers completely engrossed. Massey's skills are prominently on display. In any compilation featuring differing styles and themes, readers will embrace or critique various stories. However, readers should find the vast majority of stories page-turners and the others excellent food for thought. The stories in this anthology are amusing, daring and imaginative. This a real winner.

The authors in this anthology include Tananarive Due, Eric Jerome Dickey, and LA Banks.

A yellow sky behind some dead branches with the authors names at the top and VOICES FROM THE OTHER SIDE Dark Dreams II in white

In Inspirational romance, we didn’t find a lot we were excited about.

Amanda and I found a lot of aspiration, if not inspiration, from the premise of this heroine’s life in A Girl’s Best Friend: 

A Girl's Best Friend three stars Can a girl who dons diamonds for a living find true love, her purpose in life and realize there's more to life than spending time at the spa? Duped twice by men already, Morgan Millard is not about to make the same mistake a third time. Could George Gentry, the smug lawyer with abs that make Mr. Universe look emaciated, tempt her to trust one more time? If she does, she could find herself in an orange jumper, looking pretty through iron bars. She can't be arrested because she fell for a guy who "wears charm like expensive cologne," but for lying to the government? That's a whole different matter. Initially, readers may have trouble bonding with Morgan in this second book in the Spa Girls series. But, with the right amount of whining, introspection, pathos, intelligence and humor, this book and its heroine eventually win over readers - thanks to the author's talent.

“Can a girl who dons diamonds for a living find true love, her purpose in life and realize there’s more to life than spending time at the spa?” WE HOPE SO. That sounds AMAZING.

A Girl's Best Friend has a bright pink cover with a illustration of a very very very thin woman in a green dress with blonde hair with the title in light pink in a bubble

Is that a 2006 cover or what?

I took a look at Ticket to Tomorrow by Carol Cox:

Ticket to Tomorrow, by Carol Cox, three stars Annie Trenton's first visit to the World's Columbian Exhibition of 1893 is not as a visitor but as an exhibitor. She accompanies her late husband's partner to find a backer for the invention thew've brought with them. Though the massive buildings and throngs of people amaze her, it is seemingly innocuous events that take her breath away, including the sight of one handsome performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Nick Rutherford has never been a star attraction in the show and is surprised to learn his hard work is about to pay off. But lately, his attention is divided as he spends more and more time with Annie. Will he be able to lasso Annie's heart, or is something more sinister than he realizes happening at the fair? Two quirky characters enhance this enjoyable and moderately paced story. Both hero and heroine are likeable, and the setting is unique. Cox recreates the setting well enough, but sometimes the story lacks the excitement warranted by such an incredible event for its time.

The review doesn’t say a lot, but the book cover copy is Extremely Fulsome in What?!

First and foremost, she is determined to see her late husband Will’s genius recognized by displaying his last invention, a horseless carriage, at the great exposition. She arrives in Chicago with Will’s absent-minded partner, Silas Crockett, thrilled at the idea that millions of fairgoers will be able to see and admire their innovative creation.

Secondly, she hopes to heal the breach between herself and her in-laws. Sorrow over being the reason for the estrangement between Will and his parents has haunted her ever since his death.

Her plans never included feeling an attraction to Nick Rutherford–Silas’s handsome nephew who is a performer with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…

…or learning that her in-laws are scheming to steal the rights to Will’s invention…

…or an innocent mix-up at the station that will throw her, Nick, and Silas into a world of deceptions, conspiracies, and danger.

When Annie’s keen powers of observation threaten to expose a devious international plot to gain Cuba’s independence, more than her exhibition plans hang in the balance. Will Annie be able to uncover the truth before disaster strikes?

This cover copy is a RIDE.

Mystery, Suspense and Thriller has some very fun books. Amanda wanted to discuss Bark M for Murder, an anthology with a Theme:

Bark M for Murder featuring JA Jance, Virigina Lanier, Chassie West, and Lee Charles Kelley It's canines to the rescue in this fast-paced and fun-filled new mystery anthol-

ogy. Up first is the late Lanier's sassy Jo Beth Sidden and her incomparable bloodhounds in "Red Shirt and Black Jacket." Jo Beth and her dogs must follow the trail of a cold-blooded killer. The talented West is at the top of her game in "Nightmare in Nowhere." in which an amnesia-plagued woman's best chance for survival is a remarkable German shepherd. The "French Poodle Connection," rising star Kelley's offering, has ex-cop turned dog trainer Jack Field hip deep in a twisted case of bank robber and murder when he innocently agrees to school an ill-tempered toy poodle. Finally, New York Times bestseller Jance strikes a blow for seniors everywhere with her novella, "Case of the London Cabbie." When she suspects her sister is falling for a con man, seventy something Maddie Watkins rounds up her dogs and decides to investigate. This anthology showcases an outstanding quartet of storytellers _ and proves that in a crisis, dogs are definitelv man's (or woman's) best friend. These stories, filled with twists as well as humor, are perfect for fans of mysteries and canines.

The listed author names and title against a dark orange background with inked paw prints across the front

I just needed to tell everyone that this book is called A Hole in Juan.

A Hole in Juan - Gillian Roberts English teacher Amanda Pepper's life is in turmoil. Not only must she and her husband. C.K., share their Philadelphia apartment with his 16-vear-old high-school-dropout nephew, Pip, she must also deal with rumors circulating around her school of impending Halloween pranks. When science teacher Juan Reyes is gravely injured in an explosion in the school chemistry lab. Amanda vows to find the culprit before more mayhem occurs. Having noticed some odd occurrences at Philly Prep, Amanda tries to find out who's been leaving her cryptic notes and who could have stolen her exams and grade book. As the school's popular kids become more furtive with their conversations, Amanda must step up her investigation before she someone else - incurs a fate similar to that of Mr. Reves. Filled with entertainment and intrigue, Roberts' latest highlights not only the shenanigans of high school students but also the ever-evolving mystery behind the vicious attack on the science teacher. The conclusion is a stunner, leaving readers eagerly anticipating future installments.

The book is called A Hole in Juan because a science teacher Juan Reyes is injured in an explosion.


A HOle in Juan's original cover has a weird skull and a steaming beaker of blue fluid behind it

In Science Fiction and FantasyAmanda took a look at Keeper of the Waters by Jenna Solitaire and had some Things to Say about the review.

YA Fantasy Keeper of the Waters - Jenna Solitaire Two stars In this second book in the Daughter of Destiny series, Jenna is hot on the trail of the Board of Waters after having mastered the Board of the Winds.

She has a feeling it's somewhere near Jerusalem, so she and her partner, Simon, head there. Their local contact in the city is the handsome Saduj, whom Jenna feels an immediate connection with, to Simon's dismay. Jenna is unsure of her new abilities to control the elemental Boards, but she presses on, because she knows that it's her destiny. However, she's an amazingly immature character, and the first-per-son narration doesn't help to convince the reader that she's capable of holding such powerful artifacts - she seems much more concerned with fooling around with Saduj than with her quest, and it nearly costs her everything in the end. Some teen readers may enjoy this slight tale, but serious readers of fantasy will likely be disappointed at the shallow world-building and Jenna's immaturity.

Keeper of the Waters features a White woman with red hair holding a very silky dress over her chest while it billows out behind her

Amanda has two points of frustration here, one being that if it’s YA featuring teenagers, it’s ridiculous to be mad that a teenager is immature: “They’re fucking teenagers! I don’t know what you’re expecting here.”

Also I’m choosing to believe that all these “Boards” are surfboards.

I took a close look at Wolf Who Rules because Tinker has made a MESS:

Wolf Who Rules - Wen Spencer 4.5 stars Top PIck In this fantastic sequel to Tinker, Tinker is still adjusting to being an elf

while trying to figure out a way to clean up the mess she made of Pittsburgh and Elfhome when she destroved the trans-dimensional gate - at least she thinks she destroved it. Tinker continues to be a wonderful, if somewhat clueless, protagonist, and in this book, her obliviousness has some very real and very tragic consequences. Haunted by dreams inspired by The Wizard of Oz, linker puzzles out what she needs to do in order to save Pittsburgh and and restore the link between it and Earth. While the book is slow to start, it quickly picks up and turns into a fast, compelling read. Spencer takes the time to elaborate on elfin politics and customs, which is fascinating. The relationship between Tinker and Windwolf is nicely done, and the supporting characters are wonderful, particularly Pony and Impatience.

She made a MESS of PITTSBURGH?! Ma’am! Fix that!

The cover for Wolf Who Rules has a big dragon head behind a guy who is covered in blue goo?

Look, there’s blue goo everywhere! She has to clean that up!

Weirdness continues as Contemporary and Paranormal are in the same section? It’s 2006, there are some major names in Paranormal, but it’s part of Contemporary? So weird.

Amanda looked at Truth or Dare by Delilah Dawson:

Truth or Dare by Delilah Dawson three stars marked at the top as African American Accountant Sonva Drummond is tired of her ordinary life. Vowing to break free of her monotonous routine, she books a singles' cruise, intent on having a fling with someone devastatingly handsome and sexy. Enter tall and sexy bounty hunter Kai Armstrong, Though physically attracted to Sonya, Kai is not about to let the skilled con artist distract him from apprehending her and her uncle - despite her proclamations of innocence. And, while he's never mixed business with pleasure

before, Sonya's killer body might be the persuading factor. Similar to boiling water, Truth or Dare starts off slow and cool, gradually developing into a sizzling hot simmer. Kai and Sonya are extremely compatible, and both are likable characters. The plot is strong, well thought out and systematically orga-nized. The novel is full of action, though, at times, a little over the top, and the dialogue is often tense and over-complicated rather than free flowing, but the dry humor balances this out. And, while the ending answers the question about Kai and Sonya's relationship, it fails to address their pasts and how they came to be the characters they are today.


Truth or dare by Delilah Dawson, with a Black woman being viewed from the side from the waist up. She appears to be nude, and she has one gorgeous lipstick color on. There's a white sweep of color across her chest, and the title is in pink

“There is more than one kind of buffet on a singles’ cruise.”

Amanda also looked at Dates from Hell: 

Dates from hell by Kim harrison, Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong, and Lori Handeland 4.5 stars Dating can be a major pain. But when you add in supernatural elements, it can get deadly. Phenom Harrison kicks off the party with a prequel to her popular Witch series in Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil, which glimpses into living vampires Iv Tamwood's and Kisten's already complicated lives prior to their meeting witch Rachel Morgan. Talented Sands adds a humorous twist to her offering. The Claire Switch Project. A lab accident gives scientist Claire Beckett a very unusual talent right before her high school reunion. Is this her chance to heat things up with teenage crush Kyle Lockhart? In hot author Armstrong's Chaotic, a half-demon tabloid journalist gets caught up in a wild situation when, during an otherwise boring date, she stumbles across sexy werewolf-jewel thief Karl Marsten. Rounding out the quartet is Dead Man Dating. by rising star Handeland. Kit Morelli's disastrous online dating attempt almost gets her killed when her date turns out to be a demon. Only timely intervention from a rogue demon hunter saves her. But is he more dangerous than the demon? Readers, rejoice! Packed into one book are offerings from four of the best paranormal authors out there today It doesn't get better than this.

The titles are superb. “The Claire Switch Project?” A half-demon tabloid journalist dates a sexy werewolf jewel thief? Hello!

A white woman in a backless low wwaisted dress holding bright red heels over her shoulder with the names of the authors in colors against a black background.

Amanda might read some of these. I hope she does!

I was very confused by this review, and the setup, for Love’s Magic Spell: 

Love's Magic Spell by Kelly McDonough two stars Fairy godmother Lucienda is out to win a contest, but first she must make two people fall in love. She picks Lisa and Josh as the couple to match up, and magically changes the course of things so that they're married. Lisa knows what's going on; she can see and talk to Lucienda. When she suddenlv discovers she and Josh, the owner of the company she works for, are married, she must abide by Lucienda's rules, or her life will rewind to the moment she first met her magical godmother. Lisa must make josh fall in love with her before the marriage is consummated. and she only has five days to do it. She's undermined by Josh's former fiancée, a golddigger after his fortune, who arrives at the same resort where the couple is hon-eymooning. When time resets itself, Lisa uses what she learned on her "honey-moon" to endear herself to Josh. There's nothing about Lisa that will make readers care whether she winds up with Josh or not. All we know is that she's a middle-class, 26-year-old virgin who hates to fly and works in marketing. Josh fares little better: He's older, wealthier and has bedded dozens of women. Lack of background information and characterization hurts this tale, and the frequent shifts of viewpoint between characters is jarring and intrusive.

You don’t have to rearrange your life because some fairy godmother wants to win a contest! Let the fairy godmother do all the work!

Series is where things get a little goofy and very fun. Amanda picked Her Baby’s Hero by Karen Sandler:

Six months after a one-night stand, Jason Kerrigan can't fathom what Ashley Rand wants. His impending fatherhood - Ashley's carrying twins - is a bombshell, and Jason goes into take-charge mode. But Ashley's content with small-town life, teaching and preparing

for motherhood. To Jason's dismay, she doesn't want marriage or money. Emotionally distant, Jason is far from Ashley's idea of a daddy - but she can't shut him out entirely. Insight comes with intimacy, but can she trust him with her heart and her children's future? Karen Sandler's Her Baby's Hero (2) has several extremely emotional moments, and vulnerable Ashley is sympathetic. But Jason isn't, even after his frozen detachment is explained.

“Throw the whole man away.” The (2) means two stars.

I was fascinated by Heart of a Ruler, which also received two stars:

In Heart of the Ruler (2), by Marie Ferrarella, part of the Capturing the Crown series, Lord Russell Southgate, Duke of Carrington, is sent to fetch Princess Amelia for her marriage to the Prince of Silvershire. Amelia seduces a very willing Russell and they fall in love. When the Prince of Silvershire is found dead, Russell becomes the next in line for the crown. But obstacles stand in the way of Amelia and Russell's happily-ever-after, and their love is put to the test. Long-buried secrets are revealed, and the story is left open-ended. This is a slow read with a disappointing ending.

Erotica was more than 50% Ellora’s Cave titles, to give you a sense of how much 2006 we’re talking here.

Amanda was very interested in Maiden and the Monster by Michelle M. Pillow:

Miaden and the Monster by Michelle M Pillow, 4.5 star top pick! This wonderful historical, set in Wessex in 879 A.D., has overtones of Beauty and the Beast. Vladamir of Kessen, the Duke of Lakeshire Castle, is angry about the death of his wife six years before and is willing to be seen as a monster by the Saxons serving him. When a terribly injured young woman is left at the gates of his castle, his first instinct is to let her die. Reluctantly, he allows his servant to bring her in and care for her. When he finds out she is the daughter of his most hated enemy, he decides to keep her as a hostage. Lady Eden of Hawks' Nest is fascinated by Vladamir. He may not be the devilish monster the common people believe he is, but he is bitter and dangerous. Still, she would rather stay with him thanreturn to her father and her fiancé. This is a perfect blend of history, emo-tion, tension, hot sex and fascinating and sympathetic characters, and the writing is superb. Pillow chooses magical details to set the scene, and they add to both the history and the emotion.

Michelle M PIllow's Maiden and the Monster features a red gowned woman with tousled red hair lit by candles from the side it's very evocative.

And I picked a book where Marie Antoinette is a Vampire.Let Them Eat Cake by Ravyn Wilde 3 stars When Marie Antoinette was beheaded, she didn't die - she became a vampire. Now a sentinel, Maria's often the judge, jury and executioner of the paranormal creatures that live in her city. Along with her two human servants, she works to keep both mortals and paranormals safe. But a new evil that's leaving a trail of death is more than she can handle alone. When she calls on her human and inhuman

backups, she learns that her human friend has passed the job on to his son, Justin. The minute they meet, the attraction is overwhelming. But this is a bad time to be distracted. There's a seemingly indestructible evil on the hunt - and Maria's old love is back in town. This is an interesting, fast-moving story that incorporates many paranormal creatures and has an intriguing twist on the soul mate idea. It's surprising, though, that Maria lacks so much knowledge about her species, given that she's been a vampire for more than 200 years.

OK, then! And they’re both looking at…something.

A White woman who is very pale and has a sharp dark bob hair cut and a choker is looking down, and so is the White muscle guy and it really looks like they're inspecting his crotch.

And that’s the last of the books we discussed as we read all the reviews in this issue.

Our next episode will examine the advertisements and features in this issue, and that’ll air on February 23!

And remember, if you join the Patreon, you’ll get access to the entire issue as a PDF. ALL THE UNICORN COVER PDF YOU CAN HANDLE.

What do you think? Have you read any of these? Which would you recommend? 

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