Olivia Lunny Reveals What She Learned From Touring With Ellie Goulding

Pop Singer Olivia Lunny Dishes on What She Learned From Hitting The Road With Ellie Goulding 925

Olivia Lunny.
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Keep an eye out for Olivia Lunny: The rising star is slowly making a name for herself in the pop genre.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Lunny, 25, shared that growing up “fully immersed” in music at a young age inspired her to pursue a career as a singer. “My parents exposed me to an eclectic mix of artists and genres, [and] when my dad taught me guitar at the age of 12, songwriting quickly became a creative outlet for me,” the “Timezone” singer explained. “Music was a way for me to express and navigate my adolescent emotions.”

In November 2023, Lunny released her third EP, Heartbreak on Repeat — named after the title track — which, she said “dives into the empowering, cathartic feelings that follow post-breakup, rather than the sad and hopeless ones we often associate with the word ‘heartbreak.’”

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Lunny’s personal life served as inspiration for Heartbreak on Repeat, and in turn, bringing the album to life resulted in a sort of catharsis. “At the time of writing, I was in a very transitional phase of my life. Balancing a relationship in the midst of the chaos that comes with my career was incredibly difficult for me,” she explained. “As always, I turned to pen and paper, and many songs poured out of me that resulted in this body of work.”

One tune on Heartbreak on Repeat — which she describes as “vibrant and catchy” — was especially significant for Lunny: “Fix This” featuring Bryce Vine.

“Bryce’s verse added such a lovely element to the song,” she said. “I’m really grateful to have collaborated with him on this one.”

Speaking of collaborators, Lunny already knows who she would love to work with next: Ed Sheeran. “I love that all of his music is based around an acoustic guitar,” she added. “As someone who grew up writing songs on an acoustic, he will always remain a big inspiration for me.”

“As a fellow redhead,” she quipped, “I think we’d also have some automatic synergy.”

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The ”I Got You” singer found a connection when she accompanied Ellie Goulding for the singer’s 2023 Higher Than Heaven tour, which ultimately became an educational experience. “Ellie has such a beautiful, loyal fan base,” Lunny gushed. “They welcomed me with open arms and came to the shows knowing words to my songs!”

“As I continue growing in my career,” she continued, “being on the road with Ellie reminds me how special it is to connect with fans in person and further grow that relationship.”

Lunny, who most recently hit the road with Loreen for the Swedish singer’s Tattoo Tour, is already hard at work on her next work of art. “I’m very excited to enter ‘album mode,’” she told Us. “I’ll be starting the writing process for a new project very, very soon — stay tuned!”

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