Nikki Haley releases delegates to Trump ahead of RNC

WashingtonNikki Haley released the several dozen delegates she won in the primaries and has encouraged them to vote for former President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention next week. 

“The nominating convention is a time for Republican unity,” said Haley, who served as Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, in a statement on Tuesday. “Joe Biden is not competent to serve a second term and Kamala Harris would be a disaster for America. We need a president who will hold our enemies to account, secure our border, cut our debt, and get our economy back on track. I encourage my delegates to support Donald Trump next week in Milwaukee.”

Haley earned 94 delegates during the primary process, according to CBS News’ estimate. 

Her release of delegates won’t have much of an impact at the convention given Trump already secured the 1,215 delegates needed to become the presumptive Republican nominee. State party rules also have an effect on how delegates can vote during the convention. 

Haley’s spokesperson Chaney Denton indicated that Haley would not attend the convention, which is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

“She was not invited, and she’s fine with that,” Denton said. “Trump deserves the convention he wants. She’s made it clear she’s voting for him and wishes him the best.”

The news about Haley releasing the delegates was first reported by Politico. 

Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, suspended her campaign in March but declined to endorse Trump, saying he had to “earn the votes of those in our party and beyond it who did not support him.” 

In May, Haley said she would vote for Trump, despite her intense criticism of him. 

“I will be voting for Trump,” Haley said. “Having said that, I stand by what I said in my suspension speech.” 

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