I’m a Shopping Writer and These Are the 10 Best Deals on Cups and Tumblers Today

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What are your beginning of summer plans? If you’re planning on going out with friends and spending time shopping, going out on vacation, or just hanging out in the great outdoors, make sure you stay hydrated while doing so. You can do this by taking a cup or tumbler of water wherever you go. And you know you want a new Stanley cup or Hydro Flask!

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If you need something to sip all your ice cold water from, there are a ton of deals right now, with some straggler Memorial Day sales going on. But you don’t have to sift through your favorite retailers to find these deals. Not when we’re here to help! We’ve gathered some of our favorites below so you can grab a cup and get your hydration on. Check them out below.

These Are the 10 Best Deals on Cups and Tumblers Today

1. Hydro Flask All Around Travel Tumbler: Save big on a Hydro Flask in all your favorite colors right now – just $38!

2. Owala Travel Tumbler: Sip or swig thanks to the removable straw with this tumbler  – just $34!

3. Hydrapeak Voyager: This cupholder friendly tumbler comes in plenty of great colors to match your outfit  – just $25!

4. Stanley Quencher FlowState: The one, the only Stanley cup, with a few changes from the typical traveler, with plenty of color options – just $20!

5. Flasc Tumbler: This cup comes with plenty of accessories to help keep it clean and sanitary – just $22!

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6. Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler: This reusable tumbler is all about sleekness and modernity if you like classic cup designs – just $19!

7. Konokyo Tumbler: This whimsical 30 oz. cup can hold your favorite yummy beverage and keep it cold all day – just $17!

8. Yeti Rambler: Choose your favorite candy-colored tumbler for a cup that’s just the right size for sipping – just $35!

9. Iron Flask: This stainless steel cup comes in a wide variety of fun ombre colors – just $27!

10. Meoky Tumbler: This cup has a top handle and a straw with it to make drinking your favorite beverages even easier – just $30!

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