HaBO: Heroine Saved from Fae Zoo by an Incubus

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This HaBO comes from Toni-Rose, who is hoping to identify this romance:

I read a book last year, or at least I think I did, because I can’t remember the name and I can’t find it.

The premise of the story is that a shifter rejected her mate and then was locked up in a cell as she was to be executed. The executioner sent to kill her ends up changing his mind and sparing her life. He takes her out of the prison and they travel to another shifter village where they meet a griffon shifter.

Then they travel to a fae land where a prince tried to kidnap the shifter female and trap her in his zoo. The fae prince ends up getting killed by the executioner.

It turns out the executioner is an incubus and they live in an abandoned church.

And that is literally all I remember. At this point I feel like I’ve imagined the whole story, but if this is a real book, I’d love to read it again!

Sound familiar to anyone?

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