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This HaBO request is from Alana, who is hoping to find this book:

Here is what I remember. There are at least three protagonists. Two men and one woman. I believe that these three people are taken from their modern world and dropped in Camelot. The three characters did not know each other in the modern world. Two of the characters, one of the men and the woman, find each other and are trained to be the “good guys”. The man who meets up with the woman starts off kinda scrawny and trains to be a swordsman and the woman he meets trains to be a mage or magic user of some sort. They fall in love and I remember that she is really into licking her lips. I think that the man who trains to be a swordsman has sandy blond/brown hair with blue eyes and the woman is blonde and wears a blue dress a lot. I can’t be sure on those descriptions though.

The other man, think like a young Severus Snape look, is found by some sort of evil dark mage/warlock that trains the young man to replace him.

I know the book is on the thicker size. I read it in probably 2010 – 2011ish. I have no idea what the title is or anything else about the plot.

I have been trying to find this book for years please help!

Let’s HaBO!

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