Debate highlights from Trump and Biden's first showdown of 2024

The moderators asked Mr. Biden to address voters’ concerns about his age. Currently 81, he would be 86 at the end of a second term. 

Well, first of all, I spent half my career being criticized for being the youngest person in politics,” Mr. Biden said, alluding to the fact that he was just 30 years old when sworn in as a senator in 1973. “I was the second-youngest person ever elected to the United States Senate, and now I’m the oldest. This guy’s three years younger, and a lot less competent.”

The president went straight back to his record on jobs, including 800,000 more in manufacturing. Mr. Biden also pointed his efforts on bringing jobs back to the U.S. 

“The idea that somehow we are this failing country, I’ve never heard a president talk like this before,” Mr. Biden said. “We’re the envy of the world.” 

Trump, who would be 82 at the end of a second term, was also asked about voters’ concerns over his age. 

“Well, I took two tests, cognitive tests, I aced them, both of them as you know, we made it public,” Trump claimed. “He took none, I’d like to see him take one, just one, a real easy one. Like go through the first five questions, he couldn’t do it.”

We knock on wood wherever we may have wood that I’m in very good health,” Trump added, before turning to golf. “I just won two club championships, not even senior, two regular club championships. To do that, you have to be quite smart, and you have to be able to hit the ball a very long way.” 

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