Dan Quinn regrets wearing custom Commanders shirt, calling it a ‘great lesson’

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Washington Commanders coach Dan Quinn called the reaction to a shirt he wore over the weekend that featured a reference to the team’s previous moniker a “great lesson.”

Quinn wore a Commanders T-shirt depicting two feathers hanging off the team’s logo “W.”

“I think one of the parts of me taking this job, I was excited to bridge the past and the present,” Quinn said during a Tuesday news conference. “And what a cool privilege that is to do. I also recognize there’s a lot of layers to that. So, it was a great lesson for me.

“What I really hate is that any attention that would’ve been taken away from these rookies and this awesome crew…”

The feathers, the kind typically associated with Native Americans, evoked thoughts of the franchise’s previous logo.

Quinn said he came across the garment he liked. The shirt was not authorized or issued by the team, according to a team spokesperson. Nor was this a trial balloon attempt by the franchise, previously known as the Redskins, about future changes. The Commanders’ ownership group, led by Josh Harris, has previously stated they will not return to the controversial name.

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