An Elden Ring mobile game is reportedly in the works at Tencent

Tencent is in the midst of developing an Elden Ring game for mobile phones, according to Reuters. Apparently, if the Shenzhen-based tech company’s plan pushes through, fans are getting a free-to-play title with in-app purchases, similar to the gacha game Genshin Impact. That’s a complete departure from the original Elden Ring action RPG, which sells for $60 from the get-go and isn’t loaded up with microtransactions.

That’s pretty much all the details Reuters has reported — according to the news organization’s sources, progress on the project has been slow, so it may take a while before we see the game. That is, if the game even gets released: Tencent recently shut down the development of much-awaited Nier mobile game that had been in the works for two years. Tencent reportedly couldn’t find a monetization model that would allow it to recoup what it cost the company to license the franchise from Square Enix, along with what it’s going to spend to bring the project to completion.

Tencent and Sony purchased a 30 percent share of FromSoftware, the Japanese developer behind Elden Ring, back in 2022. The Chinese company also acquired the licensing rights to develop the game back then and put together a team with a “few dozen people” to work on a prototype. Reuters says Tencent is hoping to give its aging library of games a boost with a new title, and one based on a wildly successful game like Elden Ring has the potential to become a hit.

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