A Laid-Back Mother’s Day Brunch—3 Simple, Make-Ahead Recipes for Celebrating

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Here’s the thing about being a mom on Mother’s Day: you want to be treated. And yet, when it comes to family celebrations of any kind, you’re often the one who’s doing the planning, prep, and organization to make said celebration come to life. That’s why I’m really into the idea of a laid-back Mother’s Day brunch menu.

It’s a no-pressure meal that’s low on prep, so everyone can kick back and enjoy (yes, moms included). In the lead-up to this year’s holiday, I teamed up with Target to share a simple and special Mother’s Day Brunch menu. It’s perfect for celebrating your own mom or even if you’re a mom who loves to cook, gather, and celebrate herself. (Just promise me you’ll leave the dishes for someone else.) Read on for the menu, recipes, and my favorite Target finds for setting the table this spring.

Camille Styles Mother's Day Family

The Simplest Way to Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gifts run the gamut. I love receiving creative, sentimental cards from my kids, and Adam has always been a thoughtful gift-giver. But I also see the holiday as an opportunity to treat myself. Whether that’s a special indulgence or something simple and small, it’s so important to pour back into ourselves. (Because really, how often do we do that?)

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Mother's Day brunch table

Set the Scene

Finally—the weather’s gorgeous in Austin, which means we’ll be eating as many meals in the backyard as possible for the foreseeable future. When it comes to outdoor entertaining, my focus is on bright seasonal recipes and simple table setting ideas to elevate the vibe. It doesn’t take much: think a beautiful tablecloth or an earthy wood serving board that takes center stage on an otherwise minimal table.

I stocked up at Target on a few pretty things to elevate my table setups for brunches, barbecues, and dinner parties this summer. For me, the table is a place for creativity and expressing my personal style through food and aesthetics that bring me joy. And it doesn’t take a lot to make a table feel really special. For this one, I used a textural throw as a tablecloth on the table in my backyard, with white stoneware dinner plates as the canvas for seasonal food. Rustic wood serving pieces and glass jars filled with spring branches are the ultimate spring centerpiece.

The great thing about mostly sticking to a palette of neutrals is that you can mix and match seamlessly. If you only have three or four of a certain type of bowl or cup, alternate every other one and it’ll look intentional. It’s all about embracing imperfections, so don’t overthink it—just go with the flow.

Camille Styles Mother's Day Children
Mother's Day brunch table setting
Camille Styles Mother's Day

Simple Spring Place Settings

As mentioned, we’re keeping it simple. A neutral color palette makes it easy to keep things looking streamlined while allowing you to create visual interest by layering textures and complementary hues. I love the look of rattan set against other light colors. It works well with pinks, taupe, and off-whites with darker touches like brown and pops of green for a sense of freshness.

Because we’re working with a minimal table, it’s easy to incorporate other materials into the design without creating too much contrast or overwhelming the table. Opt for softer, woven fabrics for your napkins and tablecloth. And I love the look of these amber-tinted vases used as vessels for fresh-picked garden blooms.

Target Camille Styles Mother's Day Brunch

This Mother’s Day Brunch menu includes a delicious yogurt bowl, crowd-pleasing farmer’s market frittata, and show-stopping lemon, raspberry, and almond cake (that also happens to be grain-free). All can be prepped ahead to keep this gathering high on fun and low on stress.

Keep scrolling for the recipes, plus all the Good & Gather ingredients to load up on for your simple but special Mother’s Day brunch menu.

Grain-free lemon raspberry cake
Cake Mother's Day brunch
Grain-free lemon raspberry almond cake.

Grain-Free Lemon Raspberry Almond Cake

This show-stopper is not only visually stunning but also deliciously satisfying. The sweet raspberries and the citrusy lemon paired with the nutty almond flavor create the springiest springtime dessert. I packed this recipe with a few heavy-hitting ingredients that send this cake over the top. First, I love incorporating whole milk ricotta into the batter. It makes your cake unbelievably light and fluffy—and yes, incredibly moist.

And since embarking on my gut-healing journey, I’ve opted for a grain-free diet that’s not only helping me feel my best but keeping me creative in the kitchen. As a result, I’ve gotten to experiment with countless alt-flours that make my favorite desserts grain-free and add their own special flavor and texture. This cake leans on almond flour for a distinctly nutty crumb. So no matter who you invite to your Mother’s Day brunch, everyone will be able to indulge.

Stock up on these:

Farmers market frittata

Market Frittata with Asparagus, Goat Cheese, and Potatoes

A frittata is usually my go-to choice for a laid-back brunch. It’s so easy to prep in advance, and you can throw it together based on whatever veggies and herbs are hanging out in your fridge. This version, featuring fresh asparagus, creamy goat cheese, and earthy potatoes, can be made ahead and served at room temp. I love that frittatas pair ease with an impressive presentation. Bring this to the table in a gorgeous skillet, and I guarantee that all your guests will be ready to dig in. My final favorite thing about this frittata? It’s as crowd-pleasing as a quiche—but way easier to prepare.

Frittata ingredients
Target Mother's Day Brunch Frittata

Stock up on these:

Yogurt Bowl with Honey, Berries, and Grain-Free Granola

Yogurt Bowl with Honey, Berries, and Grain-Free Granola

Kids love to help assemble these yogurt bowls. And if they’re like mine, it’ll be their favorite thing to eat, too. Top whole milk Greek yogurt (or my homemade probiotic yogurt) with honey, berries, and crunchy grain-free granola. It’s a feast for the eyes and also so nourishing.

Stock up on these:

Sparkling grapefruit drink.
Girl drinking sparkling grapefruit drink.

Raise a glass

I mixed up a pitcher of tart grapefruit juice, honey syrup, mint, and Good & Gather sparkling water for a delicious NA bev for all ages. That said, I’m totally in support of spiking yours with Prosecco—delish! Once you stir it up, the result is unbelievably refreshing. What’s more, the drink’s light pink hue plays perfectly with your tablescape.

Stock up on these:

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