606. Behind the Scenes of Classic Cover Art: Shirley Green and Sharon Spiak

Shirley Green and Sharon Spiak are the duo behind many, and I mean many of your favorite romance covers, and are absolutely 100% the duo behind one of mine – For the Love of a Pirate by Edith Layton. The hair. The waves. THE ROCKS.

I connected with Shirley and Sharon and got a History Lesson in how cover shoots used to work. We’re talking costume, art direction, photography, and painting skills combined to make some very memorable covers, and how much deliberate emotional care went into some of the photo shoots with the cover models.

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

We have so many links for you this week!

You can find Shirley Green’s portfolio and stock image collection at ShirleyGreenPhotography.com. You can find Sharon Spiak at SharonSpiakArt.com.

We also mentioned:

Some of the images that Sharon and Shirley shared with me:

a triptych of images with Nathan Kamp and a white blonde model possibly Suzanne Fogarty posing in a close embrace. he has his arm around her waist and is wearing a blue fuzzy cutaway coat. She is in a peach gown and is holding the skirt away from her body. Next to the photo are two paintings of the image used for two different Harlequin covers or Candace Camp's Bridal Quest

A pair of images with a model in a brown dress standing on a stool facing away from the photogrpher. A hand is visible off to the side holding her dress away from her body. Next to it is the painted version of the cover with a woman looking away going up a flight of stairs, and the cover is for The Lady's Code of Misconduct by Meredith Duran

And finally, the cover art that hangs on my office wall, from The Lion and the Lark by Doreen Owens Malek:

A photograph with some glare sorry of the oil painting for The Lion and the Lark featuring John DeSalvo wearing a hot pink gladiator toga embracing from behind a woman with improbable bazongas wearing a low cut yellow gown. She has red hair and they're posed in a garden with a semi phallic gazebo

(sorry for the glare)

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