6 Handbag Trends That Are Dominating Spring Fashion

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I’m a firm believer that you’re never fully dressed without a bag. A smile helps too, but for me, an outfit is not an outfit until a handbag enters the frame. There’s also something about adding a bag to my collection that never fails to give new life to my entire closet. Shoes I hadn’t worn in months suddenly become a staple when they’re the perfect match for a new bag in the rotation.

This logic definitely has its downside when I pack five purses for a three-day weekend, but I’ve learned to live with it. And because I’m always on the hunt for handbags, I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying the 2024 handbag trends that should be on everyone’s radar this season.

French picnic aesthetic - 2024 handbag trends

Quiet luxury has undoubtedly dominated handbag trends for the past few seasons, and while the minimalist logos are seeming to stick, the spring/summer 2024 collections of some of my favorite designers are showing personality through their handbags. We all know that large statement bags are having their moment, but out-of-the-box bags, made from surprising textures and covered in prints, are sharing the spotlight this year as well.

I can relate to showing a bit of personality through my handbag choices, so I’ve compiled the top six handbag trends of 2024 to encourage you to be bold this season. (Plus my favorite options to shop.) Time to secure that bag.

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Catch-All Hobo Bags

The trend: The hobo bag trend is the best thing that has happened to handbags in 2024. Not only do I love the relaxed look and feel of the bag, but they also fit everything I need. From sunglasses to books to wallets, my hobo bag has become a true catch-all for my everyday essentials. Seriously, if something of mine goes missing, there is a 90% chance I’ll find it in my Mary Poppins bag. 

How to style: As seen on Sofia Richie, I love styling a slouchy hobo bag with an otherwise traditional outfit. Because the bag lacks shape, I recommend pairing this trend with a more fitted outfit to create a super flattering and slimming effect.

Trendy Textures

The trend: While you can never go wrong with a classic leather or suede handbag, surprising textures like nylon and denim will be a big 2024 handbag trend. I personally gravitate toward this trend because these textures are typically more durable than leather, making these bags perfect for everyday, on-the-go use. The right textured bag can also set the tone for your entire outfit. The same outfit paired with a nylon bag for running errands has a completely new look when worn with a sea shell bag for vacation. 

How to style: Adding a textured handbag to a simple outfit automatically elevates the look and gives your unique bag the attention that it deserves. A white tee and blue jeans are the perfect base for an artfully crafted handbag, making the bag your ultimate conversation starter.

The Big Clutch 

The trend: Huge handbags are having a moment, with oversized clutches stealing the show. While a clutch is historically saved for cocktail parties and nights out, we’re seeing these big clutches take the place of everyday bags on brunch dates, shopping runs, and, of course, at NYFW shows. 

How to style: Although slightly unpractical, anyone carrying these huge clutches looks instantly cool. This 2024 handbag trend can be dressed up with an oversized blazer and heels, as seen on Sara Walker, or down with a t-shirt and a baseball hat for every day. Either way, you’ll inevitably look effortlessly chic.

All About the Angles

The trend: If slouchy hobo bags aren’t for you, their angular antithesis might be more your style. Handbags featuring sharper angles and more defined shapes can add some edge to a look in 2024. Because these bags tend to hold their shape better than most, this trend is the way to go if you’re looking to make a statement with your bag choice. 

How to style: Inspired by Courtney Grow, I love the juxtaposition of an angular bag and a feminine outfit. While a handbag with sharper angles isn’t the obvious choice to pair with florals, the juxtaposition exudes an air of confidence. 

Wild for Prints

The trend: If animal prints aren’t already taking over your social media feeds, get ready to see cheetah and zebra motifs hit the fashion world in full force this year. I consider animal prints a neutral (and I’m in good company), so investing in an animal print bag this year is a no-brainer. It’ll go with everything, yet still add interest to any outfit. 

How to style: A full animal print look can feel a bit much to me, so I love incorporating this trend into my wardrobe through handbags and shoes. Colors like black and red are perfectly complemented by most animal prints, and adding a pop of print to an otherwise solid outfit is an easy way to feel on-trend.

Boat Totes Are Back

The trend: It’s officially time to dust off your canvas tote bag, because boat totes are back in 2024. With high-end renditions from Staud and classic monogrammed versions from L.L.Bean, this is a trend to get creative with. Instead of opting for your name or initials, I love embroidering cute phrases on boat totes that get me stopped at the farmers market or at the beach.

How to style: While boat totes are an obvious choice for a beach bag, I’d style this trend with jeans and sneakers on just about any errand run. These totes also make a great work bag, adding a sense of personal style to your corporate wardrobe. Or, take a page from Mary Ralph’s book, and use it for your furry friend!

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