10 Fun Facts About Portland, OR: How Well Do You Know Your City?

Portland, OR, is renowned for its lush greenery, thriving arts scene, and eclectic culture. Beyond its reputation as a haven for coffee aficionados and outdoor lovers, Portland harbors a wealth of lesser-known facts and hidden gems that contribute to its unique identity. Join us as we journey through the charming streets of the Rose City, uncovering fascinating tidbits and surprising trivia that showcase why Portland is truly one of a kind. So whether you’re moving into a new apartment in Portland, searching for homes for sale, or want to learn more about the city, this Redfin article will dive into 10 fun facts about Portland that you’ll want to know.

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Quick Facts about Portland

Median home sale price $498,500
Average monthly rent $1,510
Walk Score 89/100
Transit Score 84/100
Bike Score 92/100

1. One of the most bikeable cities in the nation

Portland proudly holds the title of being one of the most bikeable cities in the nation. With over 350 miles of designated bike lanes and paths, cycling is not just a mode of transportation but a way of life for many Portlanders. From dedicated bike-friendly bridges to innovative bike-sharing programs, Portland’s commitment to cycling infrastructure has earned it recognition as a leader in sustainable urban transportation.

2. The Portlandia statue is the second-largest copper statue in the country

The iconic Portlandia statue, towering over downtown Portland is not only a symbol of the city’s artistic spirit but also a monumental feat of craftsmanship. Standing at an impressive 34 feet tall, Portlandia is the second-largest copper statue in the country, surpassed only by the Statue of Liberty.

3. The Simpsons creator is from Portland

Portland boasts a unique claim to fame as the hometown of Matt Groening, the creator of the iconic animated television series, “The Simpsons.” Born in Portland in 1954, Groening drew inspiration from his surroundings and experiences growing up in the city to create the beloved characters and quirky humor that have made “The Simpsons” a cultural phenomenon.

4. The Portland Rosebuds were the first NHL team allowed in the Stanley Cup

The Portland Rosebuds etched their name into hockey history as the first United States-based team to compete for the Stanley Cup in the NHL’s inaugural season. Founded in 1914, the Rosebuds represented Portland, Oregon, and made a remarkable run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1916.

5. There’s a volcano in the city

Portland surprises many with its unique geographical feature: a dormant volcano within city limits. Mount Tabor, an extinct volcanic vent, rises majestically on the east side of Portland, offering stunning views of the city skyline and surrounding landscape.

6. Portland has the world’s smallest city park

Originally intended as a site for a light pole, Mill Ends Park measures just 24 inches in diameter and occupies a mere two-foot-wide circle. Despite its diminutive size, Mill Ends Park has captured the imagination of locals and tourists, adding to Portland’s quirky charm.

7. Portland’s airport is ranked as one of the best in the country

Portland International Airport (PDX) proudly stands as one of the nation’s top airports, consistently ranked among the best by travelers and industry experts alike. Known for its efficient layout, eco-friendly initiatives, and renowned local dining options, PDX offers a welcoming gateway to the Pacific Northwest.


8. Powell’s City of Books is the largest independent bookstore in the world

Powell’s City of Books in Portland holds the esteemed title of being the largest independent bookstore in the world, spanning an entire city block. With over one million new and used books across multiple floors, Powell’s is a bibliophile’s paradise, offering a treasure trove of literary gems waiting to be discovered.

9. Portland was named on a coin toss

The city’s name was reportedly determined by a simple coin toss. In 1845, business partners Asa Lovejoy from Boston and Francis Pettygrove from Portland, Maine, couldn’t agree on what to name their new settlement in the Oregon Territory. So, they decided to settle the matter with a coin flip.

10. The city has the second most breweries in the U.S.

Portland proudly holds the distinction of being home to the second most breweries in the U.S., surpassed only by the city of Denver, Colorado. With over 70 breweries scattered throughout its neighborhoods, Portland boasts a thriving craft beer scene that caters to every palate and preference.


MethodologyThe median home sale price and average monthly rental data is from the Redfin Data Center. The Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score data is from Walk Score.

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