Trump sacks consular at the U.S Embassy in Jamaica for issuing 5 visas in a day


KINGSTON – The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has on Thursday dismissed a consular officer at the U.S Embassy in Jamaica for granting five (5) visas in a day, press secretary reports.

Michael Smith, who is said to have worked as a consular officer for three years at the U.S Embassy in Jamaica has been fired for going beyond his daily visa issuance quota.

The report, however did not mention the allowed daily quota for visa issuance.

According to Michael, the five visas he approved were for a group that left him with with no choice than to grant them.

A source at the embassy that spoke to us on condition on anonymity said that Donald Trump has laid strict visa issuing guidance and tougher immigration conditions that only less than 5% have been reported by the media.

In less than 100 days of taking over from Barack Obama, Donald Trump tried to ban seven (7) Muslim countries from visiting the United States, has arrested several undocumented immigrants, and coming up daily with new measures to secure the borders of the United States.

According to the President, “this is a fulfillment of a campaign promise.”