BREAKING NEWS: Stormy Daniels threatens to release a video footage on her birthday


Stormy Daniels, an American pornographic actress, who has ‘confessed’ having sex with U.S President Donald Trump says she would be releasing a video footage on her birthday.

Ms Daniels will be 39 on March 17 and she threatened that “I’ll put out there just a teaser for his confession on my 39th birthday”.

According to Daniels, the video was captured in the hotel room with Trump’s consent. “I lied to him sometime ago that I deleted the video immediately” – Daniels added.

What is it all about Stormy Daniels and Trump?

It all goes back to July 2006 – when the White House was merely a twinkle in Donald Trump’s eye.

Ms Daniels says she met him that month at a charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, a resort area between California and Nevada.

In a 2011 interview with In Touch Weekly, published in full in January, she says Mr Trump invited her to dinner and that she went to meet him in his hotel room.

“He was all sprawled out on the couch, watching television or something,” she said in the interview. “He was wearing pyjama pants.”

Ms Daniels alleges the pair had sex in the hotel room (Mr Trump’s lawyer said he “vehemently denies” the allegation.)

If Ms Daniels’ account is true, this would all have happened just four months after the birth of Mr Trump’s youngest child, Barron.

Ms Daniels said Mr Trump suggested he could bring her on to his TV show The Apprentice.

She also recounts watching a shark documentary with the future president.

Ms Daniels says he’s “terrified” of the animal and – look away, shark fans – he apparently told her “I hope all the sharks die.”