Nigeria President’s security tightened after attempting Suicide


LONDON – Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is under heavy security after his personal aides found him committing suicide in his London residence, local media reports.

According to local reports, the London Metropolitan Police has responded to the call by his personal assistance to provide additional security for the president.

Our press team was told that a Psychologist has been invited to see the Buhari.

The reason for his attempted suicide is not immediately known.

Buhari is in the U.K in order to undergo medical checks.

The President’s decision to receive medical care in a foreign land has angered some of his countrymen.

It is the second time in a year that Buhari has sought medical treatment outside Nigeria ; he also traveled to London in June 2016 and saw an ear, nose and throat specialist after contracting an ear infection.

Buhari, who was elected in March 2015 in Nigeria’s first democratic transfer of power, had previously promised to clamp down on so-called “health tourism”, where government officials travel abroad for treatment rather than patronizing Nigerian doctors.

Several meanings have been given into his attempted suicide; political, personal or health issues could be the reason. “He did not leave any note before the attempt” reports say.