Jacob Zuma steps down as President of South Africa


Jacob Zuma, his political power destroyed by the mixed feelings, dubbed as incompetent and unfit by the South African majority, including his own allies, announced that he’s resigning as the 4th President of South Africa.

His resignation came after a week of intense pressure, culminating in leaders of the ruling ANC ordering him to step down on Tuesday. Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who replaced Zuma as ANC leader in December, is expected to become acting president, according to South African law.

The deputy president of the African National Congress (ANC) David Mabuza said Zuma was no longer the “right person” to lead the country.

Anti-apartheid struggle veterans had also called on the African National Congress (ANC) to recall the president.

Mr Zuma has been under growing pressure since a major cabinet reshuffle and economic crisis.

His decision to resign his administration is presumed to eschew any brink of certain impeachment that might result in possible removal from office.

He also alleged to have ended an unprecedented constitutional crisis, coupled with corruption and taxation flaws that had divided and crippled the nation financially and dangerously slowed the work of government and compelling some prominent figures in his administration planning to resign with immediate effect.

Zuma did not directly mention Ramaphosa and Malema’s increasingly loud cries for his resignation.